welcome to NEKONET!

nekonet is my personal website, but also my own ongoing art project I use as a means of expression and tomfoolery cultivated by simple boredom and my desire to create. I plan to continue working and expanding on it heavily, but until then enjoy your stay!! :3

notice: please do not copy my code. youre free to take inspiration or incorporate aspects of my site into your own, but please do not copy my code directly!

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about the webmaster

My name is Arabella, and I'm a 16 year old highschool student currently studying computer science.

My favorite things to do are code, play video games and draw. I’m completely obsessed with Attack on titan, made in abyss, and spend the majority of my day playing valorant.

My interest for web development and using html/css began in 2020 when I discovered a myspace clone site. While the site has since been taken down, I found the complete freedom and creativity coding brought to be so incredibly fun, which influenced my decision to join the I.T branch of my trade school.

I made the homepage of this site in roughly 2 days of nonstop coding, finding myself so completely enthralled in the project I couldn't stop working.

I now hope to refine it and carve my own little permanent place on the web with a website full of stuff I love!!